About Tarra

Hi, I’m Tarra.

I am an Oracle, Healer, Mysteries Teacher, Divine Creation multidimensional template holder for all of creation here and beyond.

Over the past 20 years, I have been serving the community, by way of energy healing, Akashic Readings, conducting esoteric courses, running Retreats and Mentoring those on the Path.

In 2012, I founded the Akashic Light Academy, having channelled the Akashic Light Sacred Prayer facilitating courses on Accessing Akashic Records for themselves. Over the years, I’ve also taught a range of esoteric courses & conducted countless meditations to offer students and practitioners alike, a holistic spiritual education and support to heal on all levels and develop self-empowerment from within.

Humanity is being propelled towards the Ascension process as Higher Dimensional energies on Earth have undergone an exponential acceleration over the past decade. With the recent events since 2020, even more are awakening after lifetimes of amnesia as the False Matrix is beginning to glitch and crumble. A clear connection to your inner guidance, to your Divine Presence, to God/Source is more important now than ever as the old structures fall apart.

In 2020, I co-wrote the book “Awakening Your Untapped Consciousness” with my Akashic Masters to offer everyone the opportunity to begin healing and learning to connect with their own inner guidance, be able to support ourselves individually as the intergalactic elite are trying even more ways to hijack our consciousness.

My key mission is to lead humanity to reclaim their Original Template and Blueprint and awaken to their true Divine Nature and Purpose here on Earth. On the cusp of 2023, the Akashic Light Academy made way for the StarLight Academy – to support the current needs of awakening Starseeds and Light Warriors.

Most urgent right now in 2023 is having updated knowledge to heal our 3D selves, and the training necessary to reconnect with our Divine Presence at our fingertips. To have our internal navigation and guidance systems come fully online so we are able to discern the truth from lies and fear-instigated fallen consciousness that pervades all of humanity. Only when we are empowered, soverign and connected by the Unity Consciousness that is streaming abundantly and so readily accessilble to all of us in this point in history, will we come into our own power, to live our mission and dismantle the False Matrix from the inside out.

The StarLight Academy is a comprehensive training- that is curated from my years of personal experience, client sessions and teaching; delivered in a sequential way, that is self paced to support the community holistically to heal, learn and thrive together as we create Heaven on Earth.

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