Magnetize Abundance Space Clearing Course

29-30 June, 6th July* 2024

Spaces speak to me.
They teach me how to look past the corners, through the walls,
beyond the surface and into the portals,
energy corridors and secrets they hold.


18-24 July 2024

There is magic and more magic when women come together to pray, heal, listen and to simply be there for each other. It is time for the sisters to gather and unite as One as we provide for each other sacred space that is so safe and protective for each one to heal and come into our true power.

5-16 August 2024

This is a sacred pilgrimage to Mongolia, to receive the powerful currents of the Dragon energies, under the expansive open sky, taking in the soul stirring landscapes that extend 360 degrees around you, and with the benevolent force of the Organic Mother beneath us.

15-25 November 2024

Egypt holds the power to throw us back into a previous timeline to revisit and retrieve back knowledge, wisdom, soul fragments and soul parts.
Reconnect and reclaim past timelines and lifetimes of your life in Ancient Egypt and Atlantis. Remember your power and purpose when your feet used to tread the soft earth of Mu. 


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Wesak Special 2024

Wesak Special 2024

Goddess Tara has graced me with so many blessings in my life. In my appreciation and gratitude all proceeds of this special program will be directed to the Tara Temple in Bumthang, Bhutan. They are a privately funded monastery and sanctuary to 300 monks of all ages. I hope you will join me in this container and share the blessings. 

Magnetize Abundance
Space Clearing Course

I love spaces. Creating new spaces with new energies in it.

Because within that energetic architecture, you are going to be able to create so much,  draw in so much.

Spaces have energy. Even if you are just renting a space, it is holding space for us for many months, or even years to come.


Personalised 4-Part Karma Balancing

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Masters in the Making

Calling all Starseeds
& LightWarriors!

The Starlight Academy is a beacon for those who desire to shift out of the confusion and turbulence of our current times to navigate your way into empowerment, with confidence, discernment and clarity. 

Whether you’re just awakening to your spiritual path, or already on the path but seeking to advance further,  the Starlight Academy was designed and built to support Starseeds and Light Warriors eager to rise above the constraints of the False Matrix, the Dark Agenda and align with their Divine Purpose and Life Mission.

What is the Inner Circle?
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Awakening Your Untapped Consciousness

Self Mastery through Accessing
Your Akashic Records

Each of us has the potential of awakening the untapped consciousness within us, to live a life of grace and joy.  If you have ever desired to navigate through the waters of Life with a deep knowing, or ever felt like there is ‘something more’ to life and it keeps eluding you, or if you constantly feel ‘stuck’, or even desire to open your heart to spirituality and don’t know where to begin, then this book is for you.