The Inner Circle comprises of:

  • The Essential Ascension Program
  • Monthly live sessions & Support
  • Library of more than 150 hours of recorded healing containers, activations & Master Classes.

The Essential Ascension Program is a self-paced journey, intricately woven to guide you through transformative shifts that empower and enlighten.

Far from a mere theoretical exploration, this program immerses you providing hands-on experiences and practical assignments.

Each step is designed not just to inform, but to engage you deeply, encouraging you to commit to practices that encode new pathways of confidence, empowerment, and inner peace.

As you progress, you’ll actively construct a new framework for living, one that resonates with harmony and inner strength.

Each month we hold live events held on Zoom for all to attend. These sessions include energetic clearing, activation and light body upgrades. 

Tarra acts as a bridge to connect you with the current energies to bring the healing through Master Classes, Healing Containers, Ceremonies and Ascension Support. 

These sessions are also opportunities to connect with a community of starseeds and light warriors with similar intention and commitment to their path, making interaction on our community pages more intimate and fun!

A precious resource of guided healing mediations, activations including the DNA Series, Karma Healing Series, Higher Dimensional Light Series, Quantum Healing Series, Master Classes are all available, on-demand! 

Select topics that you are keen to work on, put on your ear phones and relax. Set aside time each week, or at your own pace. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is the difference between a drop in class and the Inner Circle?

A: The primary difference between our drop-in classes and the Inner Circle Program lies in the depth and breadth of access and resources available to participants.

Drop-in Classes: These are designed for individuals looking for flexibility and occasional participation. When you sign up for a drop-in class, you receive a Zoom link to attend the live session and access to the class replay for 30 days. This option is perfect for those who wish to explore specific topics or need a brief, insightful spiritual engagement without a longer commitment.

Inner Circle Program: This program is tailored for those seeking a more immersive and comprehensive spiritual journey. As an Inner Circle member, you not only receive all the benefits of the drop-in classes, including the Zoom link and 30-day replay access, but also much more:

  1. Extensive Library Access: Members gain access to an extensive library of over 130 hours of diverse content, including past classes, healing sessions, activations, and master classes.

  2. Exclusive Course Material: The Essential Ascension Program, an integral part of the Inner Circle, offers a structured course designed for deeper spiritual exploration and personal growth.

  3. Community Space: Inner Circle members are part of a supportive and engaged community, offering a space for shared experiences, insights, and growth.

  4. Real-Time Support: Our community provides real-time support, ensuring that members have access to guidance and assistance as they journey through their spiritual path.

The Inner Circle Program is ideal for those who are looking for a continuous, supported, and in-depth spiritual experience, offering tools and resources to facilitate profound personal and spiritual development.

Q: What is included inside the Essential Ascension Program?

A: Great question!

These are the topics inside the Essential Ascension Program.

  • Orientation & Training Introduction and essential attitudes to bring your spiritual practice as we embark on the core curriculum the StarLight Academy to restore your Divine Template
  • Healing the Personality Understanding core concepts behind the False Matrix, how we reshape the lower personality and embody the Higher Qualities of our Divine Nature
  • Inner Dimensions Work Exploring the Self as a multi-dimensional being of Light, understanding our place as part of the organic Matrix and why we are here, and living your mission.
  • Inner Alignment through Meditation Learning through experiencing the power of Meditation and this is the backbone of recalibration
  • The Positivity Reset Explore and experience essential techniques to create a state of neutral awareness; the platform to dive into your healing process.
  • Somatic Awareness Explore and develop strategies and techniques unique to you, to bring your awareness into the physical body, to be able to handle working with trauma, from this life and past lives. 
  • Core Beliefs – Understanding & examining core belief systems and how they can aid you to manifest the life your unique blue print.
  • Family of Selves – Honouring the Family of Selves for their role in protecting you, and emanating the Light and Love of your consciousness to bring unity, harmony and balance to your Internal Family of Selves.
Q: What kind of recordings are inside the Library?

A: We have the following sections: 

  • Q & A Sessions
  • Master Classes
  • Quantum Healing Sessions
  • Crystal Cavern – Meditations and Classes for working with Crystals
  • Karma Healing Meditations
  • DNA Activation Healing Chambers
    Chakra Meditations
  • Higher Dimensional Meditations
  • Grid Work and Planetary Healing
  • Akashic Record Meditation

Q: What if I cannot attend Live?

A: We understand that attending live sessions may not always be feasible for everyone and we have members from different timezones. To accommodate this, all our sessions are recorded and filed in the Library. 

Q: Will the energies in the meditation still be available to me if I listen to the recordings?

A: Yes, the energies and the essence of the meditation are fully present and effective even in the recordings. The unique vibrational quality and the healing energies transmitted by Tarra are captured in her voice and the entirety of her transmission. This means that when you listen to the recordings, you can still access and work with these energies just as effectively as you would in a live session. 

Q: Is the Inner Circle only for those who are starseeds or on the Ascension path?

A: No, the Inner Circle welcomes anyone who feels a deep connection with the journey of healing, encompassing the spiritual and energetic aspect of healing not just purely the physical, mental, or emotional modalities. We combine all of it, because everything is spiritual and everything is energy. Daily life is spiritual, bringing conflicts into resolution is an art of energy work; to bring alignment back into our lives, from both the inside out and the outside in. 

Our program recognizes this gap and offers a holistic approach to personal growth and healing. By participating in the Inner Circle, members are guided to release outdated and limiting beliefs, paving the way for the adoption of new paradigms and practices. These are carefully interwoven with spiritual insights, providing a grounded yet expansive framework for personal transformation.

It is not religious; our goal is to create a nurturing space for all who resonate with this holistic and spiritually integrated approach to healing and personal development, regardless of their specific path or background.

Q: Why are you closing the registration for the Inner Circle Program?

A: The decision to close registration for the Inner Circle Program is a strategic step towards intensifying our focus on our community and the courses Tarra has planned for 2024. For more information, please sign up to our mailing list and we will keep you posted, including when we open the doors again. 

By limiting new registrations, we can dedicate more attention and resources to our current members, ensuring that they receive the highest quality of guidance, support, and learning experiences. This approach allows us to maintain a nurturing and closely-knit community atmosphere, where each member’s journey is given the care and attention it deserves.


What Other Inner Circle Members Are Saying...




The Starlight Academy is a holistic platform for spiritual learning birthed by Tarra from years of teaching and guiding those who have found her and her connection to the stars. It is made up of the core curriculum (a thoughtfully designed foundation for cosmic study rarely found elsewhere), resource library (seemingly endless themed teachings and meditations), live classes (going deep into subjects like parental wounds, and earth and galactic ancestors), and regular gatherings for questions and discussions.

Tarra is candid about her own spiritual journey, generous with her offerings, and earnestly strives to improve the way she shares her teachings – which are thorough, pragmatic and expansive all at once. As an Akashic Records Practitioner who has studied with Tarra for three years, what the academy offers has helped me develop my spiritual learning in rich directions. Interstellar study going deep into the stars necessarily informs and occurs alongside learning to cultivate a meaningful earthly life through an ongoing process of healing, and stepping into abundance that wants to find us all. I am humbled and grateful to be developing my gifts in this work and serving each querent who finds me. In this long and infinite journey, Tarra and the Starlight Academy are truly portals that can help each of us connect meaningfully with our spiritual birthright and the eternal mysteries of the cosmos as both earth and star beings.