Essential Ascension Program

The Essential Ascension Program is a self-paced journey, intricately woven to guide you through transformative shifts that empower and enlighten. Far from a mere theoretical exploration, this course immerses you in hands-on experiences and practical assignments. Each step is designed not just to inform, but to engage you deeply, encouraging you to commit to practices that encode new pathways of confidence, empowerment, and inner peace. As you progress, you’ll actively construct a new framework for living, one that resonates with harmony and inner strength.

Many Star Seeds wake up feeling ‘different’.

Something has triggered within them. 

They begin to remember; they feel something’s changed but can’t quite put a finger on what it is. They feel a sense of peace, and a sense of knowing about things. All things. The spectrum of frequencies they are able to perceive has widened. Colours seem brighter, space itself is transformed and is layered; no longer just ‘3D’.

In that split second, the energetic patterns and codes inside that Soul’s bodies make a dramatic change; it has been activated and shifts begin to emerge in an entirely new pattern.

It may last 2 hours, or a day, for some several weeks. For some it is a series of glimpses and fleeting feelings; but their interests shift, their choices shift. 

You can say, they have been initiated into their awakening process. Their psychic abilities come online; new senses start to develop, quickly, sometimes overnight. And then they feel that something is wrong. Again, they cannot quite put their finger on it. 

There is no context for what is happening to them, and they don’t know what to do or who to trust. 

The new spectrum of Light triggers their emotional pain, their belief systems are forged by their life experiences to date and social conditioning, not forgetting the False Matrix mind control programming. The discomfort is very real. And for some, just to cope, we shut ourselves down, so we don’t have to deal with it. 

Many don’t realise how deep the layers are of the spiritual war we are up against. It is multi dimensional, and most awakening Star Seeds are looking at it from just the 3D perspective. 

Knowing the depth and the scope will help us understand what is required, and why what we do, it is essential.

On one level, our belief systems and the emotional pain is used to keep us in fear; what we fear, controls us. 

This cycle of fear is purposely perpetuated. In fact more fear, more division, false narratives, is being fed into our system, and it’s being going on for generations. 

It is to keep us locked in the lower dimensional consciousness, designed to control. From additives to food, to our water and through electromagnetic waves and other foreign substances we are subjected to are purposefully locking down the population. 

It is happening all over the world

In order to break out of it; we must first see what it is, and understand where it comes from and what it’s trying to do – but know this, we are not meant to dwell on it. 

More importantly we need to understand ourselves; our Ego, our wounds and pain. The deeper our understanding of who we are, who we truly can be, not what society and the false programming has pressed us to take on, is the way through.


And through it all, Love is the remedy.

It is important to honour our feelings, allow it to flow through us and out of us; not holding on to and certainly not suppressing it; instead to feel it. We are made to believe that our feelings “get in the way” of our ascension. 

On the contrary. Our feelings guide us, with the wisdom of gnosis, and our bodies have innate wisdom to share with us too. 

As we awaken, it is normal not to have the vocabulary to describe or the tools we need to circumnavigate the vast expanse of this new level of consciousness. And we can seek out the support we need. 

But for what? 

To heal. 

To have an understanding of our lower personality, and self-awareness, making choices, trimming out what is false, what has been force-fed, embracing our Higher Qualities, right through to integration and embodiment of them all. 

We heal the rips, holes and tears caused by lifetimes of fear and living trapped in a lower density consciousness. 

This creates the feelings of continual peace and bliss and balance we so long for. For it is our natural state of being. 

In this state, we are no longer a vibrational match for the dark agenda, we can no longer be manipulated. We can see through it. 

We are fundamentally multidimensional beings, we can stream and hold the higher dimensional frequencies here on Earth, assisting in her Ascension as we too, journey forth on our own.

Each of us has unique gifts, Star Born talents and are here to experience a journey of empowerment, that is unique to us. Healing, “stabilizes” those gifts and talents; we learn along the way how to trust, how we need to manage our energies, what we need to do uniquely, to become Sovereign. 

However, too many Star Seeds fear the Inner work, because they do not have the context, methods, ‘the steps’ or the support, to guide them through their own changes and shifts. 

At the beginning, with the new spectrum of light flowing through them; while everything seems brighter and more renewed, they feel inspired, intuitive and free. 

This freedom and  may be short-lived, for it is this same Light that also begins to flush out the pain body, bringing everything we have suppressed to the surface. This overflow, triggers their beliefs and their current paradigm; and working through this can be overwhelming and draining.

It is this same discomfort that we must walk through, to get to the other side. 

Can we do it with less pain? Less discomfort, and more efficiency and grace? 

Yes, we most certainly can and we must heal.

This is exactly why @AscensionwithTarra created the Essential Ascension Program. 

To teach by immersing you in hands-on, layered learning. 

Every step is necessary and in sequential order. To open up the mind to understand first without overwhelm; and the necessary daily practice to lean into and therefore empowering YOU in the process. 

Before stepping into the Inner Work, we prepare ourselves to become Neutral Observers of the Self and from this new platform, you can deep dive into the shadow, with gratitude and curiosity rather than overwhelm. 

We guide you to set yourself up for success. 

Program Highlights

  • Orientation & Training Introduction and essential attitudes to bring your spiritual practice as we embark on the core curriculum the StarLight Academy to restore your Divine Template
  • Healing the Personality Understanding core concepts behind the False Matrix, how we reshape the lower personality and embody the Higher Qualities of our Divine Nature
  • Inner Dimensions Work Exploring the Self as a multi-dimensional being of Light, understanding our place as part of the organic Matrix and why we are here, and living your mission.
  • Inner Alignment through Meditation Learning through experiencing the power of Meditation and this is the backbone of recalibration
  • The Positivity Reset Explore and experience essential techniques to create a state of neutral awareness; the platform to dive into your healing process.
  • Somatic Awareness Explore and develop strategies and techniques unique to you, to bring your awareness into the physical body, to be able to handle working with trauma, from this life and past lives. 
  • Core Beliefs – Understanding & examining core belief systems and how they can aid you to manifest the life your unique blue print.
  • Family of Selves – Honouring the Family of Selves for their role in protecting you, and emanating the Light and Love of your consciousness to bring unity, harmony and balance to your Internal Family of Selves.