18-24 July 2024

There is magic and more magic when women come together to pray, heal, listen and to simply be there for each other. It is time for the sisters to gather and unite as One as we provide for each other sacred space that is so safe and protective for each one to heal and come into our true power.


5-16 August 2024

This is a sacred pilgrimage to Mongolia, to receive the powerful currents of the Dragon energies, under the expansive open sky, taking in the soul stirring landscapes that extend 360 degrees around you, and with the benevolent force of the Organic Mother beneath us.

Egypt-Connect to the Stars - Throat Chakra Gateway Activation

15-25 November 2024

Egypt holds the power to throw us back into a previous timeline to revisit and retrieve back knowledge, wisdom, soul fragments and soul parts.
Reconnect and reclaim past timelines and lifetimes of your life in Ancient Egypt and Atlantis. Remember your power and purpose when your feet used to tread the soft earth of Mu.