Quantum Animal Healing & Support

Held only on Zoom
Duration: 30mins-60mins
SGD $66

This session facilitates healing for both the animal and their owners.

As a guardian for Gaia, one of my missions to be a voice and healer for wild and domesticated animals. I work with Angels and Guides who are tasked to provide healing to the animal kingdom. To be the bridge between the animal and human kingdoms; to forge a closer understanding and how we should be supporting and protecting each other.

I am guided in spirit by my beloved pet and companion, Magick, who works as a guide for pets that have passed on or require healing. Magick passed on the 25 February 2023.

In an earthly form, he participated and supported me in the Animal Communication courses that I taught. In his spirit form, he has now chosen to facilitate quantum animal healing and support sessions with me to continue our partnership of service to all creatures great and small.

I specialize in the healing of pets, communication with pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge, or pets who are about to pass on.

What this session can do for you and your pet:

  • Physical, Mental, Emotional Healing for Pet
  • Mental Emotional Healing for pet parents to support their pets better
  • Communication with pet / deceased pet
  • Support for pet parents that have experienced the loss of a pet


How to book:

  1. Click Register and choose your preferred time and date for your session. 
  2. Proceed to make payment to confirm your spot.
  3. A zoom link will be sent to you via email upon confirmation.
  4. The session may be rescheduled once and must be requested 48 hours before.
  5. Session is not refundable but may be transferred.
  6. Session must be utilized within 3 months of purchase.

If a session is required urgently

Please WhatsApp +659777-3774. Please only request this if it is of extreme urgency to allow those who need it the most to have the quickest access to Tarra.

Support for animal care professionals:

Tarra may be contacted to work with veteranians and animal shelters to provide healing and support to animals and their owners.

Please contact me here or WhatApp +659777-3774

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