Personal Mastery

Package of 4 sessions – 45 mins each over Zoom.

An audio replay of the healing session will be made available to you after each session is complete.

Split payments of $310/mo. for 3 months is available.

Waiting time: We are booking 2-4 weeks in advance.

The Personal Mastery Sessions are conducted in your Akashic Records, allowing you to sit in your own Akasha for the duration of the session, which is very healing for you.

The Akashic Records is a library that contains sacred scripts written about every life-time that your soul has journeyed. The Akashic scribes lovingly note down every one of your triumphs, challenges, and tasks that have been undertaken. They record down contracts, vows and promises that you have made to yourself and others. It holds the answers to the mysteries of the universe, information pertaining to our past lives, personal existence and our spiritual evolution. In each light being, resides a reservoir of wisdom and unconditional love that we are allowed to tap into, to draw upon this Light of your highest soul essence and highest soul purpose, to experience healing and personal mastery in this lifetime.

Personal Mastery sessions can assist you with the following:

  • Accelerates personal & spiritual growth
  • Clears blocks and fears
  • Releases anger & resentment
  • Increases manifesting abilities
  • Grounds & connects you to Mother Earth
  • Amplifies psychic ability
  • Recharges your cells and increases your energy
  • Brings deep healing for your physical and emotional bodies
  • Helps you to move away from the past and into the Now
  • Removes deep rooted negative habits, beliefs and obsessions

Session 1

Beliefs & Self Limiting Thoughts

Clearing away old patterns, ways of doing, thinking and doing things, and activating a new energetic paradigm, in all timelines. 

Session 2

Wounded Selves &
Inner Child

Healing the wounded selves, shadow selves, and Hidden selves, in this lifetime and past lifetimes; to heal our inner child in all timelines.

Session 3

Personal Protection & Reconnection to Mother Earth

Deep level cord cutting, reconstruction of protective light fields to filter and protect and to clear out energetic blocks that ‘short circuit’ the connection to Mother Earth.

Session 4

Spiritual Clarity & Progress

Clearing the energetic blocks to be able to connect and trust your intuition, your Masters and Guides and Angels. Feeling misaligned, stuck or on a plateau along your spiritual path.