Galactic Quantum Healing​

Held only on Zoom
Duration: 45 mins - 60 mins
SGD $222

The Galactic Quantum Healing sessions are aligned to and facilitated with pristine Source Energy, Galactic Higher Dimensional Frequencies and Quantum Light Technologies to Clear, Heal and Restore you to your Original Creation Divine Template of Mastery. It is through the healing of multiple layers of the Self that we begin to live life as intended by Source.

The scope of energetic restoration that can be accessed for each person is listed below. We will work on as many issues as possible within a session. The healing is catered to your needs based on what you wish to work on and Divine guidance. Healing will be prioritized accordingly.

This healing facilitates:

  • Karma Releasing
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Ancient Civilization Karma Trauma Healing
  • Trauma Clearing within the Chakras
  • Alignment and Activation of Basic & Higher Chakras
  • Axiatonal Meridian Clearing, Alignment & Activation
  • DNA Reconstruction & Restoration
  • Removal of curses, seals, implants, parasites, tags
  • Clearing of ancient vows, promises, contracts
  • Higher Self, 3D Self & Soul Braiding
  • Personal Light Codes Activation
  • Cellular Regeneration
  • Sexual Trauma & Womb Healing
  • Healing of Divine Masculine and Feminine

The methods and light technologies utilized with the Galactic Quantum Healing session is birthed from Tarra’s experience as an active energy worker of 20 years and is held in divine guidance with her Angelic & Galactic Team, holding each person with love and reverence.

How to register for a session with Tarra:


  1. Click Register and choose your preferred time and date for your session.
  2. Proceed to make payment to confirm your spot.
  3. A zoom link will be sent to you via email upon confirmation of time. 
  4. The session may be rescheduled once and must be requested 48 hours before your session time.
  5. The session is not refundable or transferrable.
  6. The session must be utilized within 3 months of purchase.

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