Akashic Light Soul Reading

Held only on Zoom
Duration: 60 mins
SGD $222

During the reading, your Akashic Records will be accessed and you may ask questions to seek clarification and solution.

“The Akashic Records is a dimension space that stores records of all lifetimes that you have lived, your original blue print (map of life), people you have met, your actions and deeds is embedded and stored in light, sound and sacred geometry all over the cosmos and deep into the various universes and into the past. It is an amazing realm to explore all about you with the guidance and support of benevolent Beings that have walked lifetimes with you. They are a witness to your light, glory and power!” – Tarra

Questions to ask should be (but not limited to) surrounding your present life circumstance, challenges, addictions, vicious cycles, relationships with important people in your life, soul mission and purpose.

I connect to and work with your Akashic Masters and Guides and your original divine blueprint to provide clarity, answers and solutions so that you may grow, evolve and become a better version of your current self.

Come prepared with questions. The reading will be based on the questions that you ask.

This session is enhanced when coupled with a healing. 

A bundle is available so you may receive the Akashic Light Soul Reading and Galactic Quantum Healing at a special price.

Click here for the Bundle. 

This session is not suitable for pregnant ladies currently within the first trimester of their pregnancy.

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