Wesak Special - Spiritual Elevation & Karmic Absolution with Green Tara and the Earth Dragons of Compassion

21 April & May 17-22

Proceeds from this program will be donated to
the Tara Temple in Bumthang, Bhutan

What you will receive:
🔸 7 transmission teachings
🔸7 Healing & Activation Containers
🔸Private Support Group
🔸Access to Replays forever 

Beloved ones

Tonight on the Eclipse I was being guided to create a 7-day intensive practice session specifically to lead our spiritual bodies into higher octaves of light to embody joy, love, peace and protection. To clear obstacles and challenges that impede growth on our spiritual path and prevent us from achieving good health, wisdom and clarity. 

Goddess Tara has graced me with so many blessings in my life, her love and protection is eternal. She is known as the Mother of all Buddhas, her love and compassion knows no boundaries. She has served humanity since her ascension and continues to remain close to us through all stages of our life. She is quick to provide assistance, remove overdue karma and provide courage, protection and abundance in all forms. 

Mother Tara ( as I fondly call her) has requested for a healing container so that she may preside over to perform energy acts of blessings, karma healing and absolution. 

With her in our container will also be the Earth dragons that bring with them compassion teachings and protection on our path of Ascension as Spiritual Beings and Starseeds on Mission here. 

The main program which spans over 6 days will be from 17-22 May. 

The inauguration ceremony of the miracle healing container with Green Tara and the Dragons will be held on
21 April 10am Singapore Time.

Program Outline 

Session 1

21 April

⭐️ Inaugural Ceremony
⭐️ Circle of Chant – Magic of Green Tara Mantra 

Session 2

17 May

⭐️ Green Tara Codex Transmission
⭐️ Awareness of Spiritual Obstacles & Hindrances ⭐️ Karmic Absolution Container 

Session 3

18 May

⭐️ Green Tara Codex Transmission
⭐️ Purifying the Vices Within the Earth Personality
⭐️ Karmic Absolution Container 

Session 4

19 May

⭐️Dragon Codex Transmission 
⭐️Dragon Mission as Shapeshifters 
⭐️Green Earth Dragon Protection Container 

Session 5

20 May

⭐️ Green Tara Codex Transmission
⭐️Enlightened Heart Speech Mind
⭐️3 Fold Tara Flame Blessings Ceremony 

Session 6

21 May

⭐️ Green Tara Codex Transmission
⭐️ Ancestral & Earth Family Karmic Inheritance
⭐️ Blessing the Family Tree Healing Container 

Session 7

22 May

⭐️ Wesak Day Ceremony 
⭐️ Gridwork and Anchoring Love & Compassion for Humanity & the  Kingdoms of Earth