Magnetize Abundance Space Clearing Course

29-30 June, 6th July* 2024

Attend Live or Listen to the Replays

Space needs to be tended to, like a garden, as we weed out what no longer serves or belongs, space flourishes and so do you.

I am fascinated by spaces and the energy they hold. I am intrigued by the relationship between person and personal homes and what all this truly means.

This curiosity has led me to discover and recreate many new homes for myself over the past decade.

I realised that the energy within a space could be recreated over and over again. It can literally come alive and transform into this sacred temple, magnifier, magnetizer, a living breathing entity that begins to support the health, emotion, mind, dreams and fortune of its inhabitants.

Spaces speak to me. They teach me how to look past the corners, through the walls, beyond the surface and into the portals, energy corridors and secrets they hold.

Then Space taught me how to transform. Later by layer, we prayed, intended, cleansed, invoked and activated until Space was happy and at peace again.

Space Clearing is an Ancient Art
A sacred ritual that marries all elements and forces into one coherent goal and purpose. It forms a heavenly choir that performs music 🎶 spinning and weaving sacred geometry and architecture into a space fit for a Divine human Being.

This June I am once again offering a Space Clearing Course. My intention is simple. To help you to recreate your home so that you may enjoy balanced energy and this makes way for an abundance of positive energy and possibilities into your life reality.

Our Home is one of the Pillars in our life that we need to energetically care for on a consistent basis.

Space needs to be tended to, like a garden, as we weed out what no longer serves or belongs, space flourishes and so do you.

Each home has governing elements and the most loving and reverent way of supporting your home to transform is by paying attention to these 5 elements of earth, water, air, wind and ether.

I will teach and show you how to create a home filled with Living Light energy. With this knowledge, all you need to do is to replicate the processes each time you need it. It is a process that requires physical action but is in fact very much led by the heart and soul to create magic. I will show you how.

Course Outline

Class 1

29 June Saturday
1- 4pm

⭐️ Abundance with the Dragons
⭐️ Breaking the Spells of Poverty
⭐️ Our Home is Our Source of Abundance
⭐️ Breaking Money Curses and Fear Healing Container

Class 2

30th June Sunday

⭐️ Your Home is Sacred Balancing the 5 elements of:
+ Earth
+ Air
+ Wind
+ Fire
+ Ether
⭐️ Creating Abundance with the Dragons

Class 3 * Optional

6th July Saturday
Timing to be advised

⭐️ In Person / Space Clearing Practicum ( this is optional and will not be recorded)
Practice session on space clearing a living space

Magnetize Abundance Space Clearing Course

with the Dragon Energies

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