Magnetize Abundance Space Clearing Course

22, 23, 29* June 2024

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I love spaces. Creating new spaces, new energies. It’s so fun! Because within that space, you are going to be able to create so much. Draw in so much. Spaces have energy. Even if you are just renting a space, it is holding space for us for many months, or even years to come.

Hello and welcome!

My love for spaces came about when I discovered how to transform the energies within and the surroundings of my very first home. Whilst I was happy to own my personal space, I quickly found myself involved in nasty relationships, money issues and feelings of loneliness and helplessness. That is when I decided that in order to protect myself, I needed to protect my home from ‘bad energy’.

After a couple months and diligently magnifying my space with positive energies, I felt the inside and outside of my home totally transformed. From all around me, I began to sense peace and calmness and my life started to take a turn for the better.

This incident alone sparked off a love affair with the re-creation of spaces by transforming the energy architecture and by observing how every object within the space contributed to the sum total of that space, energetically.

I received so much joy whenever I hear past students sharing how following the steps that I teach in this course has helped mend relationships, restore health, bring peace and harmony with family members and even draw in wealth and prosperity.

It’s been awhile since I’ve taught this course and I’m pleased to do so again this June and assist you to create a magical home instantly.

Course Outline

Class 1

22 June Saturday
1- 4pm

⭐️ Abundance with the Dragons
⭐️ Breaking the Spells of Poverty
⭐️ Our Home is Our Source of Abundance
⭐️ Breaking Money Curses and Fear Healing Container

Class 2

23 June Wednesday

⭐️ Your Home is Sacred Balancing the 5 elements of:
+ Earth
+ Air
+ Wind
+ Fire
+ Ether
⭐️ Creating Abundance with the Dragons

Class 3 * Optional

29 June Saturday
Timing to be advised

⭐️ In Person / Space Clearing Practicum ( this is optional and will not be recorded)
Practice session on space clearing a living space

Magnetize Abundance Space Clearing Course

with the Dragon Energies

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