Home Blessing Workshop
with Tarra

Pre-requisite: None

Maximum 10 participants Only

Dates: 24 & 31 July 2022

  • Day 1: 24th July 2022, 1-5pm, must attend Live on Zoom
  • Day 2: 31st July 2022, 1-4pm  on-site

Over the course of this 2 day workshop, you will understand why simply using sage alone does not cleanse your home thoroughly enough.

You will learn techniques which are simple and practical, “do-able” methods that you can apply to bring vitality, peace and abundance into your home. 

We will not just share with you the theory, but we will also go on-site to bless a home on the second day of the class, and with the experience, you will be empowered to bless your own home with confidence.

Please note this course only teaches you to bless your own home. 



Workshop Outline: 

Day 1: 24 July
Understand the Theory
On Zoom, 1pm-5pm

Your attendance is compulsory.

  • Learn the specific tools needed to prepare for a home blessing session
  • Learn how often a home blessing should be performed
  • Learn how to perform a home blessing overhaul and how to maintain pristine energy 
  • Learn a step-by-step method on how to home bless by working on the different elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wood and Ether in a home to bring balance and positive energy
  • Learn to work with different elemental realms to aid your home blessing
  • Learn how prayers, affirmations, crystals and essential oils can be used to maintain good energy in your home
  • Learn what items to place in different parts of the home to keep the energy clean and positive
  • Q & A

Day 2:
Let’s Practice
31 July, 1pm-4pm

On site venue will be disclosed to participants closer to the date.

  • We will meet on-site to perform a home blessing together
  • On-site home blessing review
  • Q&A 

Terms & Conditions:

  • This course is not refundable, or transferrable for another course. 
  • This course is not a practitioner course, and the techniques taught are only to be used responsibly for your own home.
  • If you are unable to attend, fees may be used to offset product purchase, or you may nominate another person to attend in your place. 


  • Tarra and the Mystery School reserves the right to make changes to information including dates, and times for the course. Any updates will be sent only to registered participants at the time of change.