Awaken Your Dragon Within 2024

6 Magical Weeks

Attend Live or Listen to the Replays

Live Calls: 17, 19, 22 , 24, 29  February 7, 9, 26 March 
Q&A Calls: 26 Feb, 11, 29 March 

As we awaken the Dragon within, we will organically open up the Portals of Creation and to amplify this, we combine Quantum Communication techniques to shape-shift your reality, quickly and surely.

infinity dragon

Each of us possess a Dragon within. This dragon is dormant and waiting to awaken. Through purposeful connection and activations, we begin to arouse the Dragon strands within us to come alive. This practice is akin to the sacred act of Death & Rebirth. It is a powerful act of disowning our lower selves and seeing and acknowledging the Dragon within. It is pledging allegiance to our Holy Divine Self, the part of us that is Sovereign and held in perfect alignment with Mother Father God and the vast Universe. 

This call to awaken the Dragon within is silently resonating within the Starseeds, Light Warriors, WayShowers, True Earth Guardians to take up the mantle, to receive the secrets and knowledge held within the scrolls as your Inner Dragon is stirring now and waiting to be reborn and begin to live your Highest Timeline on Earth joyfully and abundantly as you lead the change on this lifetime’s mission.

To lead any change, we require the resources to get started on our mission, to feeling loved, in harmony,  safe and secure. What keeps us from accessing this are the money wounds, poverty vows, false programming and curses that will be cleared in order to draw in the wealth and necessary resources to be in that position of leadership to lead the change. 

Living in this way, every single day and in every moment is what brings joy, bliss and abundance at a Soul and Personal level.  As we awaken the Dragon within, we will organically open up the Portals of Creation and to amplify this, we combine Quantum Communication techniques to shape-shift your reality, quickly and surely.

Nothing outside of you has to change; it is your energy that shifts and how one perceives the Self and world that changes. Such is true wisdom, intelligence and enlightenment and the Dragons have full knowledge on how the Universe and all that is within is meant to live, grow, prosper and evolve. Their presence is never intrusive, always kind, mystical, peaceful and protective. They have infinite wisdom and understanding of God’s Plan and Purpose for each one of us. Consciously partnering with the Dragons is to co-create directly with God and all that represents the Divine. 

This February 2024 is time to welcome home all my soul family members, near and afar, to join me in the Holy Dragon Temple of Original Creation to access the wisdom and intelligence that these magnificent light beings are safe-guarding.


My Personal Journey with the Dragons

I’m a descendant of the ancient Dragon Lineage that holds the scrolls of original creation & architectural blueprints. I am a Starseed first seeded on the planet of Hydra, home to the Divine Feminine Creation, Sophia Mother Consciousness. When I first awakened in 2002, I was awakened one morning by a voice that said – Shekinah, with the letters spelled out one by one. At that moment, I had no idea what this word meant. Little did I know my true origins and mission for this lifetime was being whispered out loud, to ignite a fractal part of me into Remembrance.

The Dragons have been an integral part of my life for a long time. I was officially introduced to them for the first time in 2013 through a reading. At the time,  I did not resonate with them fully but kept an open mind. I told myself ‘perhaps one day I would feel the connection’. Slowly but surely, they weaved their presence and wisdom into my life and impressed my sacred mission in bits and drips as they welcomed me back into my timeless connection with them. Very gently they began to groom me so that I may be that vessel for true Creation energy to flow.

Dragon Rider 1

Each year a different group of Dragons would work with me, transmitting knowledge and guiding me on my personal evolutionary path. With each and every succeeding year, the connection with them became more intimate as their power and presence on Earth is stronger and more palpable.  On January 1st 2023, I felt their energies finally merge with mine and my physical body went through a profound shift. I experienced a total balance within the systems in my body and have felt healthier than I was in my 20s! Somatic awareness also heightened what I was now able to sense in my body, evident in every person I met and situation I was presented with. 


During the month of August 2023, I was visited by my Dragon Ancestors several times on the Inner Realms where they showed me my past lives and training that I had with them. They also revealed to me the role my current birth mother played in those lifetimes. This Gift of Remembrance sparked off yet another round of deep soul healing between my mother and myself in this lifetime and as it happened, it blew open several layers of my lightbody for me. This was a necessary initiation process, in preparation for the upcoming tasks and mission at hand. And as they say, all in Divine Timing. 

money discs

The Dragons never promised me anything and I did not have any expectations. To me, it was a privilege and an adventure, simply to experience them again in this lifetime. But they knew what I was meant to do, what I am meant to achieve and how I am supposed to serve and make a difference in this world. 


My journey with the Dragons continues on with YOU, to be able to experience the Dragons of Original Creation in the most profound way. May their presence in your life activate the Holy strands of Consciousness within all levels of your being and beyond.   


I invite you now, to listen to your heart, to step into this Temple, a safe space where the training and healing begins. Be met, seen and held with so much love and reverence that all the cells in your body begin to tingle with excitement, joy and come into awareness of your Divine Dragon Self.


We welcome you home.

Course Outline

17 February 1-4pm SGT

Opening Ceremony

  • Setting Intentions
  • Welcome & Enter the Holy Dragon Temple
  • Dragon Connection Ceremony
17 February 1-4pm SGT
19 February 8-10 pm SGT

Plasma Consciousness as Body’s Intelligence

  • Plasma as Original Creation Waters
  • Connection to our Body’s Innate Intelligence
  • Plasma & Birthing Healing Container
19 February 8-10 pm SGT
22 February 8-10 pm SGT

Energy Expansion

  • Mind Body Original Pathways of Light
  • The Body’s Connection to the Stars
  • Solar Dragon Light Body Activation
22 February 8-10 pm SGT
24 February 1-5 pm SGT

Back to the Beginning

  • Fallen Kryst Consciousness of Humanity
  • Connect to 12D Frequency Realm
  • Tarra’s Spiritual Hygiene and Protection Protocol
  • Supreme Protection Medicine Container
24 February 1-5 pm SGT
26 February 8-10pm SGT

Live Q&A

26 February 8-10pm SGT
29 February 8-10pm SGT

Beyond Earth

  • Aligning with the Galactic Dragons 
  • Cosmic Heart Awakening & Dimensions
  • Luna Dragon Connection Activation
29 February 8-10pm SGT
7 March 8-10pm SGT

Creative Expression Alchemy

  • Understanding how Quantum Communication can shape and shift your reality 
  • 3 Steps to use effective communication to magnetize Prosperity
  • Dream Big & Get clear on Goal-Setting  
7 March 8-10pm SGT
9 March 1-5pm SGT

Awaken Your Dragon in Stasis

  • Healing with the Dragons 
  • The Concept of Miraculous Healing
  • Dragon Attunement and Healing Technique 
  • Practice Self Healing
9 March 1-5pm SGT
11 March 8-10pm SGT

Live Q&A

11 March 8-10pm SGT
26 March 8-10pm SGT

Amplify Prosperity Magic

  • Open the receiving channels to initiate, hold and amplify Wealth
  • Activate and how to create with wealth chakras
  • Wealth Generation Ceremony 
26 March 8-10pm SGT
29 March 8-10pm SGT

Live Q&A + Closing Ceremony

29 March 8-10pm SGT

Enter the Dragon Temple

Awaken Your Dragon Within

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Personal Mentorship Package


Personal Mentorship Package


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This mentorship is for Masters in the making, those who understand that energy shifts and a deeper inner expansion result in stepping up to the next level of prosperity, abundance, communication and joy. 

I am opening 6 spots to go into creative partnership with you who recognise the value of having a mentor to reach the next level of your soul’s embodiment. This multidimensional support can be any area of your life.

This is for you if you are already enjoying success and recognition from being on Mission and dare to dream bigger, and desire to make progress more efficiently. Over 12 weeks, I will hold space and share wisdom and knowledge from myself and Dragon Ancestors to accelerate your growth and expansion. We will work on your energetics to clear and open up your fields so you may level up with clarity and ease. You have anytime access to me over text and voice messages and we meet via Zoom every 2 weeks to review, heal, activate and align.