Animal Communication

On-Demand Course
Fees: S$297

“I took Tarra’s animal communication course and it was truly transformative, especially for my cat. I connected to my cat who hadn’t been eating well and asked her what she wanted to eat instead and she said “Salmon”. That night I bought it for her and she ate everything! I am so grateful for this course and Tarra’s gentle guidance and expertise. Life changing!” – Sarah

Welcome to my animal communication course! This is your first step in deepening your bond with your pet and better understand their needs. 

Designed to teach you how to connect directly with your furry or feathered friend using a powerful prayer,  this course is packed with tips and techniques to strengthen your animal connection skills. You’ll learn how to tap into your pet’s energy and thought waves, giving you the ability to communicate with them in a way that goes beyond simple visual cues.

My name is Tarra and I have had dogs around me all my life. I love animals and my first experience with spirituality came through learning to communicate with my schnauzer because of a behavioural problem I was trying to correct and it opened up a whole new world for me. 

I see the urgent need for pet parents or animal care-givers to quickly connect with their pets or animals. While your journey starts with an understanding of your pet’s or animals wants, likes and desires the relationship deepens into an unshakable knowing – of what your animals truly need, so you can provide them with the best care possible. In fact, you will also begin to understand yourself in a different way; I will also explain to you why and how your pets care for you on an energetic level and it’s just another way around.

With practice, you’ll be able to enjoy a more profound connection with your furry or feathered family, enriching the love and joy they bring to your life and vice versa.

For you see, communication goes both ways. While you learn how to show them exactly how you would like them to work with you; you will also learn how to “hear” them. They have likely been doing so for a long time. This is the intersection where deeper understanding blooms. And the process begins right here.

It is my mission to bring an awareness to the roles your pets play in your life – a golden opportunity to learn not just about your pet, but also all animals great and small that you come across; from appreciation, to becoming their champion, their voice and caring for them to reach their highest potential and yours too. 

This course welcomes all humans and pets;  from terrapins to rabbits, birds to cats, dogs to hamsters, and more! As you go through the modules, you can pause to engage with your pet and get them to participate with you.

Join me on this exciting journey towards greater understanding and deeper connection with your pets or animal friends. No experience is required, and what you learn here can be used on its own.

“Thank you very much for your wonderful course Tarra! I really enjoyed the communication learning and practice with both of my cats.” –  Coralie

Course outline:

    • Using a powerful animal connection prayer to communicate with your pet.
    • Understand the roles of our pets and their roles in our life.
    • Understanding your pet’s personality
    • Learn how to connect to your pet and express to them exactly how you would like them to work with you.
    • Learn how your pets and other animals communicate with humans.
    • Discover the messages your pet or any other animal has to share.
    • Sample questions to ask & learning to ask the right questions & why you don’t get an answer.
    • Examples of other student’s experiences and learning when communicating with their pets. 


Tarra’s extensive experience in spiritual teaching, healing, and energy practice makes her the perfect guide to help you develop the skills to deepen your bond with your pet.

Facilitator bio:

Tarra began her spiritual journey in 2002 because of her pet dog. She discovered that clear communication could help her guide and teach her dog new behaviours. Since 2005, she has offered animal communication private sessions and courses to at bridge the gap between humans and animals.

“This is the only animal communication course I’ve attended where all my classmates are able to communicate with their pets!” – J. T.


Tarra and the Starlight Academy reserves the right to make changes at any time. Any updates will be sent only to participants at the time of change.