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Being able to access the Akashic Records at this current time in history is more important than ever, as it is a gateway to the primordial energy of love, harmony and peace that balances the polarities in us, and it grounds the excess energy that causes us to be looping in the mind, and brings us back into the body.

Meditating in the Akashic Records will bring you deep healing and restoration, clarity, inner guidance fostering a deeper connection between yourself and your guides.

We do this for practical real-world scenarios to live your best life, as much as we do it as we feel a deep calling to grow spiritually; for the two are one.

To flow in the moment, whether you write, draw or design, you tap into the Universal creative stream – breathing Life into projects, whether it is for work or play.

You may use it to improve relationships with your family and significant other. More importantly, being able to access the Akashic Records is a way to become more in-tune with the most important relationship of all. The one with yourself. To explore what you have kept tucked away in the recesses of your memories, it is the Light that ignites your unique gifts to be brought into this world.

There are many methods to access the Akashic Records. 

The method that I teach is using the Quantum Akashic Prayer



This new version 2023 is more efficient and the connection to the energies of the Akashic Records is far stronger. Without the need for endless preparation and meditating your way into the Higher realms. There is no fuss, no candles, incense or prior ado, so yes, you can open your Akashic Records right before key meetings, job interviews or appointments with success!

For some who are already on the path of personal evolution, who are stuck or feeling the weight of Shadow Work, by using the Akashic Records in this intentional way to do your journaling and reflection, is rewarding.

The ability to ask questions directly to the Akashic Masters, reveal the root of the matter far more quickly. Many of my students also attest that the intensity of emotion, doing the self inquiry in the Akashic Records, is significantly less. 

In fact, you will feel more positive as you are digging into areas of your life to uncover the seeds of the imbalance playing out in some area of your life.

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Who is this course for?

This course is for those who want to learn how to live life with ease and grace, just by setting aside 15 mins a day. Over time, your effort compounds to create a level of connection with your Akashic Masters, to receive personalised guidance that ripples throughout all areas of your life.

In the 3D world, learning to access their Akashic Records has helped my students to: 

Course Outline:

Student Feedback

"The revamped curriculum for the Akashic Records Practitioner course has been informative & mind-blowing, yet delivered in a succinct manner within 2 half days. Certainly not a course you want to miss, if you desire to access the Akashic Records with the most updated method. Tarra has been an excellent facilitator, who delivered the contents honestly, patiently, succinctly & in a non-judgemental manner. Highly recommend this course."

"The class is easy to understand and with the live demo session, we get to experience the Akashic Records immediately."

"This is my first attempt, through the prayer I was able to go onto the mode of meditation faster. Achieving a tranquillity state, feeling safe, peaceful and being in the present."

"The Access Your Akashic Records provided me with practical, unique methods to facilitate profound energetic shifts. The healing techniques – as well as ancient and modern wisdom, shared in the course – allowed me to deepen my self-awareness and begin taking intentional steps to discover my highest potential.

I am very grateful I was able to access the course curriculum remotely at a convenient time, especially with such a huge difference between zones (12-13hrs behind Singapore depending on Daylight Savings Time in my region). Having access to the replays has been ideal! For me, delivery of the material was both engaging and informative as I implemented course instructions and guidance; as if participating in real-time.

I appreciate Tarra’s authentic, supportive teaching style and the Academy’s diverse and welcoming spiritual community. I look forward to registering for additional online training with the Academy."

"The course provides a channelled prayer that allows quick access to the Akashic Records. Practice sessions were paced over 2 days for us to experience. The overall experience is balance and well planned.I would recommend the course to anyone that is curious about the Akashic Records.

"Thank you Tarra for the wonderful 2 days. The course is very interesting and informative. I really enjoy the sharing sessions, motivates me to continue on this path 😊"

"The prayer empowered me to be connected with the light beings. I’m confident and at ease to experience my day(s) with their wisdom protection and love ."

“This is the most efficient way to do shadow work, accessing the Akashic Records and getting answers that I was not expecting.

But the answers resonated, and the shifts since then are truly amazing.

I feel lighter, more peaceful. I feel more confident, more myself.”


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