Access Your Akashic Records 2024

8 Transformative Weeks

Starting 20th April 2024
Attend Live or Listen to the Replays

What you will receive:
✨11 Live Classes on Zoom
✨3 Q&As Live Classes
✨6 Healing & Activation Containers
✨3 Initiation/ Attunement Ceremonies
✨Private Community Daily Support Group
✨Lifetime Access to Replays
✨ Mini Assignments to help integrate the teachings

The Akasha holds within Her, all the wisdom and memories
of YOU, including the shortest path to activating your
Soul and Ascension. 

I am honored to present another Access Your Akashic Records Course.

The energies are intensifying especially right here and now in 2024. For many, it is not going to become ‘easier’ if we just stay on the surface. In fact, it’s only going to get ‘tougher’ and faster. 

Right now, consciousness is expanding at an exponential rate. Scientists who are documenting the rise in the earth’s vibration have also noticed this change. As Mother Earth’s vibrations are rising, she too is supporting the rise in consciousness of the entire planet of people at the same time. We are all interconnected. For those who are not consciously awakened, this raising of consciousness creates friction in their lives, forcing them to begin to look at the cause of their challenges. 

It is my desire to support as many of you to be touched by the wisdom and nurturing presence of your Akashic Guardians, and show you how to access the guidance, knowledge and break through the surface level of 3D existence.

Accessing your Akashic Records and Balancing Karma is no longer impossible for everyone, In fact, the Akashic Guardians and Original Creation Dragons remind us it is our Birth right to access higher dimensions, accessing our Akashic memories and healing the, is part of our Ascension.

This year, I will be offering this course only once and I will guide you on an intimate journey to engage with your Akashic Guardians over the duration of our time together; to allow each of you the time to ease into the material and this methodology that I have developed and improved upon over the past decade. And for this class, my Akashic Guardians and Dragon Ancestors will work through me to bring forth multidimensional learning and the experience of healing within the Akasha, including understanding Karma, healing sessions to clear accrued Karma and coming into the right relationship with all of creation

This will give you the time and space to integrate the teachings, to create meaningful relationships with your Akashic Guardians , and truly make this your way of life and for this not to be just another weekend course. 

For those that have been waiting for this, I thank you for your patience, you will not be disappointed.Gua

How can the Akashic Records transform you

The Akasha holds within Her, all the wisdom and memories of YOU, including the shortest path to activating your Soul and Ascension. 

The Akasha is an infinite realm that knows no limitation. You are worthy of accessing this realm, for you have within you, the blueprint of the Original Creation Plan and Technology. And when you are within Her, you have access to all the Knowledge, Light, Intelligence and Purity.

The Akasha stores records of every lifetime, deed, word, action, agreement, and karmic patterns of your Soul and the prevailing connections with all of Creation. It holds the memory of all your experiences, your purpose and mission. And as an individual on the path of Ascension, it is imperative for you to begin the process of reclaiming your Akashic memories to activate the Soul, Chakras and Lightbody systems.


Because as spiritual beings, Starseeds and Lighworkers, to reclaim our birthright, we have to remember who we truly are. And that involves us walking ‘backward’ – through the deep healing of Inner Work and Karmic Balancing as we begin to embody the truth of that statement. This is the path of Ascension.

I can almost hear you ask,
“How are we to do this?”

Through the Quantum Akashic Prayer. It is a gift and technique that my Akashic Guardians have shared. It is through the use of this loving and powerful prayer that the connection, intentions and blessings of the Heavens envelope us and elevate our frequencies. This allows the healing and restoration of our true nature, reconfiguration of our light bodies and alignment of our chakra systems. The information and desire that leads us to our mission and purpose naturally begins to stream in.

The Quantum Akashic Prayer is both multifaceted and multidimensional. It is to assist us with our Inner Work through sovereign, intelligent healing. All whilst finding practical solutions to the challenges of Life and supports us as we experience the power of our Divine Nature in this lifetime. 


My Personal Story with the Akasha

10 years ago, I was introduced to the Akashic Records and was very hesitant to try another modality. At the time, I was comfortably stagnant as a faithful and devoted Reiki student and teacher of 15 years and did not feel that the Akashic Records could help me or my practice. Thankfully, the Universe created an environment to push me gently to sign up for a course.

My life then took a very quick turn.

I went on to reclaim my intuition, confidence and purpose.

As I completed my training, my beloved Akashic Earth Teacher channeled a message of Light  and prophesied that my Divine Destiny was with teaching the Akashic Records. When she said that, it touched me at a soul level and at the same time, it ignited a spark within. She reminded me that my path was to be an oracle and channel to bring forth and materialize Light Technologies and Codes to assist others to gain quick and safe access into their Akashic Records.

Co-creating with these pure frequencies and Akashic Guardians completely turned my life around. It has brought me meaning, abundance, peace, joy, laughter, and love – all of which I am eternally grateful for. From being an accidental and aimless Healer & Lightworker to waking up each day with fire in my heart, ready to do God’s work and on mission.

I invite you into the Akasha, to be enveloped in pure higher dimensional energies. To explore, uncover and engage in the many ways you can co-create with Her for your soul's highest potential.

And most of all, to create a divine and amazing life on this timeline.

Course Schedule

Class 1

20 April Saturday
1- 3pm

⭐️ Opening Ceremony
⭐️ Introduction: The Role the Akashic Records has Within the Universe
⭐️ Initiation to the Guardians of the Akasha Ceremony

Class 2

24 April Wednesday

⭐️ Accessing Your Akashic Records
⭐️ The Quantum Akashic Prayer
⭐️ Balancing the Left and Right Brain for Clarity
⭐️Bringing in the Stillness 12D Healing Container

Class 3

27 April Saturday

⭐️ Planes of Living Consciousness
⭐️ Accessing Personal Akashic Memories
⭐️ Architecture of the 3-Fold Flame
⭐️ Conversations with Enlightened Beings

Q&A 1

30 April Tuesday

⭐️ Bring Your Questions

Class 4

May 4 Saturday

⭐️ The Emerald Covenant – God’s Mission and Intent for Humanity
⭐️ Utilising Divine Energy to transform beliefs, DNA and Memory
⭐️Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose
⭐️ Clearing Soul Wounds Dragon Healing Container

Class 5

8 May Wednesday

⭐️ Ascension Chakras
⭐️ Awakening with 14 Ascension Chakras
⭐️ Self-Mastery of Energy
⭐️14 Chakras Clearing & Activation Container

Class 6

18 May Saturday

⭐️ Council of Shambhala
⭐️ Moving through Spiritual Initiations with 7 Archangels & 15 Ascended Masters
Transforming through life experiences with the Kryst Consciousness
Kryst Consciousness Activation Container

Class 7

21 May Tuesday

⭐️ Quantum Akashic Healing – Part 1
⭐️ Healing the Body, Mind and Heart
⭐️ Attunement to the Akashic Clearings & Activations
⭐️Learn and Practice with 11 Quantum Akashic Clearing & Activation Commands

Class 8

25 May Saturday

⭐️ Quantum Akashic Healing – Part 2
⭐️ Attunement to the Akashic Clearings & Activations
⭐️Learn and Practice with 11 Quantum Akashic Clearing & Activation Commands

Q&A 2

28 May Tuesday

⭐️ Bring Your Questions

Class 9

1 June Saturday

⭐️ Coming into Right Relationship & Divine Architecture
⭐️ Karma Healing within the Akashic Records
The Cycle and Purpose of karma
⭐️ Storage places of Karma within the Body
Fracturing and Collapsing the Karmic Cocoon Healing Container
⭐️ Daily Quantum Self Karma Balancing Prayers

Class 10

8 June Saturday

⭐️  Family Karma Healing
⭐️   Generational Negative Influencers
⭐️  The Divine Family Structure
⭐️  Generational Karma Balancing Container
Daily Quantum Ancestral Karma Balancing Prayers

Q&A 3

11 June Tuesday

⭐️ Bring Your Questions
⭐️ Closing Ceremony

Co-create with the Akasha

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