Update: The ever-expanding library of  meditations are now available as part of the StarLight Academy’s Inner Circle membership program. All new upcoming Meditations are only available inside the Inner Circle and cannot be purchased one off.

Higher Dimensional Monthly Meditations

On a double digit day, these meditations are designed to  harness the uninhibited energies from the higher dimensions and integrate with us via a channeled meditation, to uplift, heal and transform according to your divine plan and will. Shubhra will share astrology updates for the month, to guide us along with the planetary energies, and I will be channelling the higher frequencies of Light, transmitted to you through love and light language. 

Karma Healing Meditations

A series of 10 live meditations (with replays) encoded with the current energies to bring you deep healing, and to clear away varied levels of karma accrued from past lives including this one. These sessions are channelled and the healing frequencies are transmitted via light language and pure energies from the higher dimensions. Grace and dispensation are given by the Lords of Karma. 

12 Strand DNA Activations

As we awaken our 12 strands of energetic DNA strands within us, we awaken to the Divine within. Each strand awakens a deeper connection to Source, to the essence of whom we are and is necessary for one on the ascension path.

This year, I will be offering powerful attunements in this 12 part series, for those who are ready to begin their journey towards ascension.