Karma Healing & Meditation

A series of recorded meditations and healing with the Lords of Karma and inter-dimensional beings to clear away varied levels of karma accrued from past lives as well as this lifetime. These sessions are channelled and the healing frequencies are transmitted via light language and pure energies from the higher dimensions. Grace and dispensation are given by the Lords of Karma. 

Karma Healing & Meditation Session 1: Clearing personal karma from this lifetime. Clearing old and false beliefs

Session 1

Clearing personal karma from this lifetime.
Clearing old and false beliefs.

$48 – 30 day access

Clearing karma from past lives. Clearing cords and attachments

Session 2

Clearing karma from past lives. Clearing cords and attachments.

$48 – 30 day access

Balancing Family Karma From Both Sides Of The Family. Clearing Lineage Inherited Diseases, Curses And Old Beliefs. ​

Session 3

Balancing family karma from both sides of the family. Clearing lineage inherited diseases, curses and old beliefs.

$48 – 30 day access

Session 4

Clearing karma & trauma from ancient civilization past lives. Clearing hidden selves and cords

$48 – 30 day access

Karma Healing Meditation: Session 5 Inner Child Soul Healing of Your Past Lives and your current life

Session 5

Inner child soul healing of your past lives and your current life.

$48 – 30 day access

Karma Balancing Of Illness & Disease Within The Physical Body, Specifically The Teeth, Spine, Organs, Systems And Blood From The Physical Body.

Session 6

Karma balancing of illness & disease within the physical body, specifically the teeth, spine, organs, systems and blood from the physical body.

$48 – 30 day access

Protection And Raising Your Energy Vibration By Restoring The Aura Bodies With High Vibrational Light And Sacred Geometry

Session 7

Protection and raising your energy vibration by restoring the aura bodies with high vibrational light and sacred geometry.

$48 – 30 day access

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