Episode #7: No Boundaries

no boundaries

If you are unable to say no to others or feel disrespected and disregarded, know that the outside is often a reflection of the inside. How others treat you, is how you feel about yourself at a subconscious level. Tune in to this episode, for the advice from the Masters and a meditation to dissolve those […]

Episode #6: Distractions of the Mind

Distractions of the Mind

We know about the concepts of ‘going back to basics’ and to ‘declutter’. It means to simplify and to organise.  From another perspective, we need to identify the distractions we have woven so deeply into our lives that it entraps us. Instead of supporting us to go fully on our path, it creates illusions, more […]

Episode #4

How do we drop the veil of our beliefs and fine-tune our vibration to resonate with the truth?

Be it a person you have just met, a piece of information you’ve recently come across. Have you ever wondered if what you resonate with is true?

Episode #2

If you want to have a clear mind and be able to make decisions quickly, this episode is for you! It’s no secret that everything you do compounds on itself. Start small, work your way through this process. This step is crucial in creating tangible change in your life.