Student/ Client Reviews


“Many, many amazing things have happened to me since I started with the Access Your Akashic Records class and Akashic Light Karma Balancing class 2 years ago.

The first change I noticed was the improvement in my ‘luck’. I was not one who would win a prize in lucky draws or even strike the lottery. In the few months between the Akashic Records course and the Karma Balancing Course, I noticed the first change; my ‘luck’ improved greatly – I won 6th prize in my company’s D&D, a free treatment on an Instagram lucky draw and I struck my first ever TOTO with 3 digit winnings!

Fast forward 2 years, I feel that changes are still taking place, as I continue running my activations & clearings daily. A while back, we were having some financial difficulties at home, then things took a turn. A client of my Dad’s, someone who hasn’t contacted him in many years, reached out and arranged for him to check the Feng Shui of her house overseas. Shortly after, my mum was contacted by her ex-company for a contract position and they just extended her contract. I was looking for a new job and got an offer with an amazing package, which was more than what I asked for.

I also went for my first Ba Zi reading in about 1.5 years and this was what amazed me the most: Many things the reader said to me

1) no longer applied,

2) whatever she saw/predicted will happen in future, had already happened!

From my Ba Zi, the lady said that I was one who doesn’t have much ‘luck’ in life. She said that even if I were to bet on the lottery, I wouldn’t strike anything. She also said that I did not have career or mentor luck, but the experiences I’ve had has proven to me that running the activations & clearings DO work and they are just so easy to use! Running these clearings & activations are currently part of my daily activities and it takes less than a minute to run, I can do it while commuting to work, or while in the queue for lunch!

I also realized that there is a stronger connection with the Masters when I give Akashic Readings for my clients, and they have also given me positive feedback about the Clearings & Activations I use it on them as well.

I do hope my personal experience can help others see how powerful and useful clearings and activations in the Akashic Records are.”