If you are unable to say no to others or feel disrespected and disregarded, know that the outside is often a reflection of the inside. How others treat you, is how you feel about yourself at a subconscious level. Tune in to this episode, for the advice from the Masters and a meditation to dissolve those invisible walls around you. 

No Boundaries

Welcome back to another podcast session with me. In this episode, we would like to talk about boundaries and are setting boundaries really necessary. The Masters and I have spoken on this topic on several occasions however we would love to discuss this topic once again as it’s so important and relevant to your spiritual growth. 

You may often find yourself caught in a situation when you are unable to say ‘No’ to others, you may feel being taken advantage of by friends, loved ones and colleagues. You find yourself in situations where you are not able to stand up for yourself and regret not doing more later. Or you may simply feel unappreciated or not disrespected and disregarded as an individual when others are constantly treating you in ways where on the inside you know it’s not right, it does not feel good yet you feel helpless and can’t figure out ways to change all that. You then proceed to set up walls or boundaries, creating invisible perimeters around your energetic field so that others don’t over step this threshold. 

What you must realise in this scenario is, how others treat you is how you feel about yourself deep down inside – on an almost subconscious level. When we give out a vibe that’s says: I am worthy, I know myself, I can say no, I am safe, I trust. Only then this shift in you changes everything else around you. You will start to realise that the people begin treating you differently, which further translates to any situation that unfolds, will now serve you to learn and to grow with much ease and joy.  

Creating boundaries is fine to have when you don’t know any better. But at some point you will come to realise that this practice is not sustainable. You will come to realisation that the boundaries you have created are never fool-proof for they can’t be designed or intended to include every single permutation or detail. If you go down this path, you will find yourself creating more and more boundaries – and what this really does is it thickens those invisible walls around you. 

But what if we tell you that there is another way? Work on your inner self and raise your vibrations – by knowing yourself,  by feeling worthy, by knowing you are safe, and that you trust the Universe and whatever it may bring to the table, you can handle it. And by being positive and allowing the peace that this inner work brings, to well inside of you till it overflows. This state of being, is a healthier and way more sustainable approach.

As your frequency rises, people and situations that are of a lower vibration will naturally fall away. You are consciously creating this shift; for you only attract the same as what you resonate with. Like attracts like. And just by raising your vibration, life and all that it encompasses will flow smoothly and easily. You start to magnetise all the people and opportunities for your highest good. 


Meditation to dissolve the invisible wall around you.

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