We know about the concepts of ‘going back to basics’ and to ‘declutter’. It means to simplify and to organise. 

From another perspective, we need to identify the distractions we have woven so deeply into our lives that it entraps us. Instead of supporting us to go fully on our path, it creates illusions, more glamour, and even more confusion. 

Importantly we must be able to identify what is a distraction to us and must be careful about the ones we are unaware of. 

Distractions of the Mind

Hey everyone. It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. We have been busy getting the book that I’ve written with the Masters out to you but that’s done now and I can once again settle back in with my Masters to channel messages. And I’ve been downloading a lot from them so I’m looking forward to recording their messages and sharing with you over the next few months.

Today’s message is about Distractions; Distractions that prevent us from receiving clarity and from evolving and ascending as one.

Dear Ones

We have observed a great number of distractions taking place around and within you and would like to take this opportunity to address this through our channel. We are a group of 3 and have most recently contacted our channel. We come from the consciousness of the 8th dimension. Where we come from which is also where some of you have experienced before is a realm of thought, focus, alchemy and manifestation. We focus on change and transformation through the mind. We shall share more about that at another time but for now back to the pressing topic of Distractions.

Should our channel have been less distracted in her earlier days, we would have been able to work with her much earlier. But it was when she decided to heed the advice of the Light and paid much more attention to her practice of sitting, purifying and transforming her frequencies in meditation that we from the higher dimensions were able to make contact. Our channel had to identify and rid all or most distractions and quickly identify new ones that came along those that prevented and kept her away from the path of ascension and service. Likewise for you, the same would apply. And in order to carry on awakening the many layers of your spiritual energy, daily distractions will have to be eradicated and a somewhat flexible structure to be introduced.

Let us now consider the distractions of the mind. Your thoughts and worries. How much effort do you put in each day to thinking of things that don’t matter? The amount of energy you place into thinking, feeling and action equals to time spent. Higher vibration thoughts, speech and action equates to less energy is taken and lesser time utilized, leaving the self a sense of having more time.

The other distraction is the focus on others and not yourself. We often say that transformation begins with the self, to see a transformation on the outside. This is the formulae for alchemy. Always see yourself as the alpha and omega. The first, the last, the beginning and the end. All things happen through you, certainly not outside of you. Not others or situations that change how you get to your destiny, it is only you.

So get rid of distractions such as the excuses or reasons you tell yourself not to eat healthily or to exercise, or to meditate. Or when you tell yourself how little time you have, you may want to assess once again where you spend your energy. When you tell yourself I can’t heal, I can’t move on, I’m angry or I’m sad, then these are the distractions you allow yourself to wallow in, so you won’t have to make an effort and change.

The number of times you have given in to modern devices such as the laptop, the mobile phone or the television that you have no more energy of awareness of what you should really be doing. Taking that same amount of time to sit in silence, to journal, to prepare a meal or take a walk were all replaced with the conveniences or distractions of the 3D. Very dangerous we say.

And these are just some but perhaps the more apparent distractions that is now taking place for each one of you.  Those who are listening in to this have reached an awakening in your current evolution. This is not the end, there are many more layers to awaken to and thus begins your true path to ascension. Stay focused on the Light. We thank you for this opportunity to speak. We take our leave now.

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