Maybe you feel like you should be of service to others. Maybe you already are serving others, but are not enjoying the process.

How to Experience Joy
whilst being in Service to Others

Hi there, and welcome to episode five of the podcast, Ascension with Tarra. And for this episode I wanted to focus and talk a little bit about being of service to others.

Very often as I speak to clients and students, one of the very common questions that a lot of them will ask, me as well as the Masters is, how can I be of service to others. And then again, they are those that have begun to be of service to others. And yet they do not find that joy that they had imagined they would begin to receive. So I thought, let’s just ask the Masters today, what they would like to share with everyone out there, and to those listening in, or what it really means to be of service to others. And how can we experience peace and happiness? So the question that I’ve asked the goes something like this, I was told to be of service to others, and this will bring me joy. Why do I only experience this joy for a short while? How else can I experience peace and happiness permanently? And this is the reply from the Masters of Light.

When you choose to serve you open a door to understanding yourself. In the beginning of your endeavours, serving another through offering healing, or offering a helping hand, you will certainly receive as much as you have given.

Initially the act of giving itself brings satisfaction; the pleasure of doing something for someone else, resides also in their smiles, and their words of gratitude. This gets the ball or service rolling, but be aware of how you feel about the exchange.

Do you feel happy only when you receive smiles and words of gratitude? Do you feel happy when you have made someone else’s day? And how would you feel if someone was rude and said hurtful things to you instead?

Being of service a discipline of opening the heart to be able to simply connect with another; to offer hope, loving wisdom and compassion. When you feel drained, angry or exhausted, it is likely that you are expecting something in return. Those feelings cannot be triggered, if they do not already exist within.

It is at this point where an opportunity reveals itself for you to understand yourself in a more intimate way. Are you expecting a compliment or acknowledgement of some kind? Are you holding on to beliefs have a set way that things should unfold? Are you seeking love from outside of you, rather than from within? This is an opportunity for you to cultivate self-love; the love of self and it starts with self-knowing.

For when you have an understanding of yourself, of how to love yourself. When you encounter certain situations. No matter the permutation, you will instinctively know how to respond. You will be able to act from a place of fearlessness, of peace in the decision making process. This knowing brings you joy. Another’s response is not needed to fill your cup. Only that connection with the Divine is. And this is the key to experiencing joy with permanence. Today’s energies are celebrated moving humanity along quickly toward evolution and ascension. The high frequencies of pure light are encompassing the 3D and now is the time to purify the mental, emotional and physical bodies, so that we are able to connect easily to spirit.

Humanity is facing challenges, and it takes a simple shift to embrace joy and peace while serving others. The simple shift is our perception. When we no longer see an issue as a problem, you no longer feel it as a problem. You don’t need to say anything at all. This shift that connects from your mind and heart is so strong, and it ripples out to all parts of your being. This is what we mean by standing in your truth. And your vibration will be felt by those around you. And they begin to change. They feel it and they see it and it ignites a spark in them.

Start very small, and it’s in the details of inner work. Change the world by first serving and transforming the self. This is how you can serve others and receive happiness and peace. The ripple effect of this shift in your vibration affects your family and they begin to change. And then your neighbours feel it. And it begins to ripple out to the communities that each of us lives in, all over the world, wherever you are. Know that the energies from the higher dimensions are already here in support of this shift. So that you can now set about this task with a knowing that we are here assisting and guiding you on your path.