How do we drop the veil of our beliefs and fine-tune our vibration to resonate with the truth? 

Be it a person you have just met, a piece of information you’ve recently come across. Have you ever wondered if what you resonate with is true?

Resonnance of Truth

Hi there, welcome to another podcast episode with me. I hope you’ve enjoyed the last episode as much as I enjoyed recording it with the masters of light. For today’s episode, I asked my Masters a question. The question is, how do I know that which I resonate with is true, indeed, for my highest good. This is a question that I used to often ask myself, whenever I resonated with a book, or a piece of information, or someone I met. I would ask myself, “why?” have you ever asked yourself the same?

If you don’t already know, we tend to resonate with energies that are present within or familiar to us. However, that may not necessarily be of the highest truth. This is the Masters response to the question.

Dear ones, greetings to all of you. Our channel has asked a question today and we are happy to offer a response. We come to us many, but our views are one. It is important to know that you resonate with a frequency matching to yours. As you evolve and vibrate at a faster and finner rate. Your ability to recognise the truth of all that is, is magnified.

You start off your journey with a set of beliefs, ideas, principles, and conditioning that form your energy around to attract and frequency within, to know what is right for you. That with which resonates and forms a bond or kind of relationship with you. You tend to feel safe and connected. These are the feelings that you associate with to make that connection to truth.

As you learn more and connect with the divine within you deeper your inner world and personal frequency changes. Suddenly, whom or what you use to resonate with starts to shift. You realise that you are no longer the same person you used to be; how you feel about others have changed. your beliefs start to evolve, and even your likes and dislikes start to change or disappear.

As you look back on your journey, you realise what we mentioned is real. And it also means that change is constant. And as you grow, the mind and heart expands and awakens allowing you the strength and intelligence to accept more truth of yourself and others.

Your light attracts similar light; the same quality, amount and concentration of light that will be attracted to you is what we’ll feel is right, or that resonates with you.

Know that as you radiate a stronger and more resilient heart frequency. You call to your greater truths and deeper knowing. work with us to release that which holds you within, so that you are unable to radiate your divine light to attract a higher vibration of light and truth.

Pure Light when experienced creates light bulb moments for you a sudden realisation of the truth; of events taking place around you and perhaps within, that can now be accurately represented and understood. This is what we call as a deeper knowing.

Choose and commit to always be able to connect and resonate to the highest truth and the deepest wisdom and light of you so you can see past the surface of people and situations. And you can be honest with the duality within you. And then move into oneness or a state of balance and harmony, that is a fluid state.

Affirm to yourself: “I now resonate to the deepest truth. All veils around me drop as I allow the light of the sacred flames of my heart to shine bright.”

Connect your Heart and breathe in Divine Light. Your breath is sacred we now dissolve the fear frequencies within your sacred heart and your entire chakra body. Know that the frequency of fear, known or unknown to you, locks you into a lower vibration, many of which did not originate from you and therefore do not belong to you.

These have been put in place by dark forces, that wish to interrupt your soul’s evolution. They have injected self-limiting, and self-sabotaging beliefs and thoughts and you can break this now. Now that you are aware and you can consciously activate your free will, to reconnect and awaken the strands of DNA that lie dormant. Thank you for listening and to join me in the Masters of Light on the 11th of November as I channel them once again to bring forth more teachings healing and activations.

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