As we evolve, Mother Earth evolves in tandem. The recent incoming wave of clearing energies has caused many to lose their inner balance and connection with Mother Earth. As these clearing energies are creating quick shifts for many people, we too must be consciously connected to Mother Earth supporting Her through these changes, to heal and evolve. 

Symbiotic Reconnection with Mother Earth

Hi there, welcome to another episode with me and the Masters of light.

The Masters came through last night and mentioned that they would like to speak about reconnecting to Mother Earth, why it is essential for us to do this right now and how we can benefit.

They also share with us a technique right at the end. So let’s start.

Dear ones, warm greetings from us. We are group of light beings from a faraway star system, different from yours, and yet we are more connected than you can possibly imagine. We are excited that our channel has agreed to be our voice, and to allow us this opportunity to connect with you via sound vibrations, and energy transmissions.

Planet Earth is going through a massive change, but certainly a positive one. We are honoured at this moment to be able to play a pivotal role in the ascension process of Mother Earth and all her kingdoms within, and also the human race.

For thousands of years, we have watched and waited. And now the time has come as we on a frequency level, can merge closer with Mother Earth and closer to our brothers and sisters living on this planet.

The frequencies of the fifth dimension, just one of the many dimensions in the many universes has descended upon the third dimension some time back. But it is only most recently that you have been able to begin to sense the difference in that and begin to awaken as your consciousness starts to have a positive reaction and knowing and this allows the mind and the heart to begin to open, expand and embrace.

This takes place most subtly and you may not notice it in the beginning. Yet as we witness this, we rejoice and it is a clear sign for us to gather; the light forces amongst us and we are ready to assist. As humans all around Planet Earth begin to awaken individually, that shift then begins to take place also in groups; within families, friends, colleagues, and then as an entire race. All awakening and moving along together to clear the heaviness to drop the veils and then to ascend as one.

We have observed, that as the clearing comes in waves, our brothers and sisters are seemingly being swept off their feet. They start to lose their inner balance as they lose their connection to Mother Earth amidst the sudden and many changes they are experiencing all at once. And with no prior warning.

We speak now to highlight the importance of connecting back to Mother Earth consciously as individuals and in groups. We ask that each one listening in, begin to energetically connect with Mother Earth, in your heart and through the soles of your feet and your palms.

Consciously send threads of your consciousness light into Mother Earth to connect back to her frequencies and to allow her heartbeat to connect to yours. And to join you in this ascension process.

Mother Earth was created to support the ascension process and she must not be left behind. It is critical that all of you awaken to this truth and by reconnecting back to Mother Earth will provide the love and support for all kingdoms within her to heal and evolve as well.

Once a clear and permanent connection has been created your consciousness will be deeply open to her to receive clarity and wisdom on how you can actively participate in her healing and ascension, and therefore benefiting yours as well.

Allow us now to guide you through a simple technique on how to connect back to Mother Earth. Start to go within and connect to your heart chakra. As you inhale, think of the mountains, the lakes, the ocean. Think of the trees, flowers, and the bees.

In your mind, see the animal kingdom. Those that walk on the land, soar in the sky and swim in the seas. Remember the mineral kingdom all the beautiful crystals; their colour, shape, and energy.

In this way, you connect with Mother Earth by remembering her beauty and purpose. Send threads of light from your heart into nature. Send it to all creatures, large and tiny. Send threads of energy from the palms of your hands into Mother Earth. Send threads of energy from the soles of your feet into Mother Earth. You are now connected to Mother Earth as she is connected to you. Breathe in her energies and feel her moving into your heart, the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet.

We, as a collective energy, thank you for listening. We take our leave now. Light Blessings to you, to those around you and your loved ones.