If you want to have a clear mind and be able to make decisions quickly, this episode is for you! It’s no secret that everything you do compounds on itself.

Start small, work your way through this process. This step is crucial in creating tangible change in your life.

Reflections of Your Inner World:
How to Gain More Clarity

Hi there, welcome to episode 2 of my podcast.

The topic for this episode is “how do I gain more clarity”?

What the Masters of Light share with me is that our home is a direct reflection of our inner world. It is a reflection of how we think and feel. Therefore, a clean and tidy home is definitely a good place to start; if you want to have a clear mind and you may ask, how may I benefit from having a clear mind?

Having a clear mind will allow you to make decisions quickly and be able to see and understand situations and people as they unfold in front of you daily. Having a clear mind also helps you to identify and work through your lessons quickly. And you also begin to get to know yourself with a different pair of eyes. A pair that is able to look into the depths of you to identify areas that require healing and transformation.

Today we share with you five steps to begin decluttering your outside world. To gain clarity on the inside. Begin by decluttering your bedroom. Start by removing items and clothing that you have not used or worn in the last two years. Physically clean the area of all dust and dirt. Change the bedsheets and replace old pillows with new ones. When you wake up each morning, make your bed. Keep it neat and tidy. After you have decluttered your bedroom, rest for two days before moving on to the kitchen.

Begin by decluttering the kitchen of old or unused appliances followed by foods that have expired, and foods that are processed and simply not healthy for your body. Over consumption of sugary or processed foods weakens the third eye and causes you to have brain fog. After you have cleaned out the kitchen, rest for two days and start clearing the living room.

Repeat the same process of removing items that you have not used in two years. Photos can be digitized and hard copies thrown away. After the living room, take a break for seven days, and then begin to declutter the smallest spaces of your home, such as the storeroom, bathrooms, and the balcony. And finally, do not forget to tidy up the entrance to the home. positive energy starts even before you enter your space.

The task of decluttering your personal space is a daunting one, and also a very emotional one. As we start to reconnect back to old pieces of the past and realize that the old has to go, in order for the new to enter. As the Masters of Light say to be a clear vessel within the mind and heart; begin by creating new space by releasing stagnant or unused items, as this creates space for clarity and freedom which in turn creates space within the body and mind.