Why we need to connect to our spirituality and how we can heal to evolve and live a happier, more fulfilling life, free from pain, fear and challenges. Healing the personality is at the core of what I teach and it starts with inner work. 

Healing the Personality

Hi there. Thank you for joining me on my podcast. My name is Tara and I am a spiritual teacher of almost 20 years.

I founded the Akashic light Academy that focuses on teaching students how to access their akashic records, as well as other courses, and master classes that allows one to develop and to gain knowledge and wisdom into all other aspects of spirituality.

Creating this podcast allows me to share the energy transmission of the Masters of Light via the use of the voice which will serve to help many more to transform and to evolve quickly.

Today’s topic is about why we need to connect to our spirituality and how we can begin to heal in order to evolve and live a happier, fulfilling life free from pain, fear and challenges.

The first thing that you will need to know is that spirituality is not something you seek on the outside, but rather it is to be discovered within you. You were born with a soul and that the soul is your essence, who you truly are. The soul is your light, the part of you that is pure, and connected to the Divine. You will also born with a personality. And the personality includes your likes and dislikes, or your fears, your inner struggles, and even your existing belief system.

All these make up your lower personality. And when neglected, struggles and fear begin to arise, in your everyday life. So in order to move away from the lower personality, and begin to awaken the soul, inner work has to begin. The inner work that we speak of is a journey of discovering the root causes to all that hold you back to your anger, to all of your disappointments, expectations, why you think and act the way you do. And how you can improve by first understanding and then healing from all that denseness that holds you back.

As you begin to understand and heal yourself, you start to realize that your thoughts become positive, you’ll become more loving to self and others and the sweetness of life starts to flow effortlessly. Your heart and mind will regain balance, freedom and harmony. The light within you starts to awaken. And so you start to shine internally and the same is reflected externally. So take some time today to think about parts of your personality that you would like to transform and journal down all the parts of you that you would like to begin to change and to make better. Begin to heal the personality and awaken the soul.